“Modern foiling boats are flat water course-makers. C-FLY is the world’s offshore passage-maker.” The Foiling Week

“Fine in flat water, blasting around but what happens when you get into the big waves? And from what I understand this is what she is supposed to address. And certainly from my sail today, she does it very well indeed. We’ve been sailing around at twenty-five knots, in flat water here and in bigger waves outside and she’s extremely well behaved.” Matt Sheahan,  Technical editor, Yachting World.

“Hello to the tech-sailors, This boat is truly a marvelous technological achievement. It is the fulfilment of a lineage of dreamers like the canadian engineers of De Havilland with “Bras d’Or” and Fulgencio Garcia Hernandes with ‘Volador’, 2 hydrofoils fitted with the ‘LBF’ (Lozenge-Bow Foil ) system. The impressive improvement made by the C-Fly team is this flexible lozenge configuration which plays the role of wave shock damper. Bravissimo !”  Rémi Laval-Jeantet,PhD Hydrodynamician 

“Are those things aerials?” Bystander pointing at the raised foils. National Sailing Academy, UK


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