C-FLY uses hydrofoils in a canard arrangement which means forward hydrofoils at the bow that control the pitch of the craft and are also used for steering. This innovative layout combined with the wide multi-hull platform give the boat maximum pitch and roll stability making it the ultimate ocean off-roader.

This hydrofoil arrangement is inherently stable and does not require the use of active control systems.  The forward canard hydrofoil provides immense reserves of lift that prevent the craft pitchpoling making it extremely seaworthy, allowing the crew to safely maintain high speeds in all conditions. C-FLY has been designed to keep on sailing fast when other performance boats would back off.

In light winds C-FLY is designed to sail in displacement mode in the same way as a conventional high performance multi-hull. This allows the performance to be optimised across the whole wind range without the drag penalty of hydrofoils in light winds.  As the wind increases the foils are deployed at sea, C-FLY lifts up on to the foils and flies across the water, literally doubling its speed. To lower and raise the hydrofoils C-FLY incorporates a unique canard hydrofoil mechanism with a fully rotating bow section.


C-FLY foil diagram

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