To prove the concept and to demonstrate that the unique technology developed for C-FLY would work in the demanding conditions of open sea sailing, a 7.6m design, C-FLY Coastal, has been developed.

C-FLY Coastal was launched in 2005 and incorporates the key features of the unique C-FLY technology; in a package that is designed to be practical to transport and sail with three crew.  An extensive programme of sailing trials has now been completed proving the concept and validating the performance predictions.

In particular the concept has been tested in a range of extreme conditions and full control is maintained if one or more hydrofoils break free of the water surface.  Even in the event of damage C-FLY is able to retract the hydrofoils and carry on sailing fast and safely.

C-FLY Coastal has delivered exhilarating performance and confirmed to the engineering team that the design has achieved the key objectives of stability in open seas, practicality and versatility, combined with breathtaking speed.


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