The C-FLY design team follows a rigorous development process, including testing of key technologies and design features in parallel with the design work.  A significant programme of tow tank testing has supported and validated the hydrodynamic research and computer modelling for the unique hydrofoil technology.


Structural testing has been carried out on all key areas, for example adhesive bonding of composites and aluminium structures, fastener performance in aluminium and more general laminate, joint and tang design.  The fully assembled C-FLY Coastal has been load tested ashore under instrumented conditions to validate the global structural model.C-FLY Coastal was launched in 2005 and an extensive programme of sailing trials have been carried out to put the craft through her paces, verify her performance and sea-keeping and push her to the limit to seek out any weaknesses.  In all respects these trials have confirmed that the design has met the objective of world beating performance in the full range of open water sailing conditions.

The confidence gained through this programme takes C-FLY technology to the point of scaling up to the ocean version and application into other areas of sailing.




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