Until now C-FLY and its unique hydrofoil technology have remained confidential, with the project privately funded by the team.  With the success of C-FLY Coastal and the concept proven, the team are exploring new avenues for the technology, including a range of concepts from dinghies through to offshore ocean sailing yachts and powerboats.

The team believe the time is right to scale up to C-FLY Ocean, the full-size ocean going version to rival the giant offshore multihulls and to challenge l’Hydroptère, the world’s only offshore sailing hydrofoil.

The C-FLY team is now looking for a sponsor with a passion for sailing or record breaking, an interest in innovative technology and design, or someone who simply wants to be part of making C-FLY headline news worldwide.

CFLY Ocean


Click on the images to enlarge:c-fly_ocean_4

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