Imagine a sailing boat that overcomes all of the practical and technical challenges of hydrofoil sailing offshore. Here it is:

  • C-FLYDesigned for assured stability, speed, safety and high average speeds; our 8m LOA cruising 25-35kts. Proven.
  • C-FLYCan be sailed by amateurs and pros alike! Three controls only: tiller, main and jib sheets
  • C-FLYCannot pitch-pole capsize which is a fundamental prerequisite for offshore sailing.
  • C-FLYSails at speed in light airs – displacement mode with foils raised.
  • C-FLYThe foil system is speed unrestricted. The canard arrangement allows speeds 60+ knots on a powered craft.
  • C-FLYHas a unique safe operation mode for surviving excessive winds.
  • C-FLY The foil system provides incredible suspension. She drives like a world rally racing car. Ensuring very high average speeds in most conditions.
  • C-FLYSails without any form of active electronic pitch control system, mechanical flaps or wands i.e. auto-stabilised, robust and safe.
  • C-FLYThe foils look after themselves, leaving the crew to sail her at full throttle.
  • C-FLYBoth crew safe and boat uncompromised by an individual foil loss (proven!).
  • C-FLYBenefits from greatly reduced drag, providing (at least) a 10 knot advantage over existing craft
  • C-FLYVery smooth motion (or ride) providing much reduced fatigue of crew, equipment, rig and hulls.
  • C-FLYElevated ‘flight’ means freedom from wave action and pounding.
  • C-FLYCan set new and beat existing offshore sailing records. Creating new and acquiring existing trophies.
  • C-FLYGiving ‘Hot Seat’ experience that is rare to experience and utterly thrilling.
  • C-FLYGenerating unmatched and uniquely valuable PR opportunities
  • C-FLYAnd is simply unique………


Extreme 40 Cowes week 2010

One thought on “Why C-FLY?

  • September 26, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    Can’t wait to try one out.


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